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In order to make a Co-op GREAT we need  GREAT TEACHERS! Like You!

Pathway offers Enrichment classes that allow families looking for extra curricular activities to be able to come without the stress of homework, added costs and too many additional requirements to their week. These Enrichment classes serve as an alternative to taking certain classes at home or in the community. All of our classes are taught by Parent Members just like you. We strive for quality classes that are fun for kids and volunteers alike. We also offer training in classroom management to help all of our teachers feel confident in teaching and leading our kids. 

Pathway meets during the school year in three terms, Fall, Winter and Spring. Each term consists of 8 weeks of classes as well as additional holiday celebrations and field trips. We have a scheduled break during the Winter holiday season to give families time to enjoy their celebrations as well as a break in the Spring. Our full year schedule is available in the calendar on our Home page. 

For every family that we serve here at Pathway Homeschool Co-op we need to plan to teach several different age groups. And we can't do it alone. Every parent participating in Pathway has the opportunity to share their passion and make an impact on students and families attending our co-op. What are you passionate about? Can you get creative and share with others? What are your hobbies or interests? Do you have any special skills or talents? All of these things can make great classes for kids! We invite all of our Members to teach from their passion, get creative and have fun. So get those ideas rolling and send them our way.

Reminder: Every parent participating in the Pathway Homeschool Co Op will need to Teach or Assist in some way. Have a friend you love to work with? Invite them to join you as you create your awesome class idea.